Tuesday, April 01, 2008

IUI update....

It's been a while since I updated; so this will be a long one.

In Sept. 2007 I had multiple cysts on both ovaries from all the months of clomid I had been on. So I had to go on a TTC break while being on the BCP to dissolve all those wonderful cysts.

Nov. 7, 2007 I had the followup appt. with the gyn for the cysts. The Dr. appt. didn't go like I thought it would. The good news was the cysts were gone. The bad news is I was diagnosed with PCOS. The Dr. said she consulted with the R.E. and they said there is no chance I could get preg. now without IVF. I lost it in the Dr. office. I had cried until I don't think I could cry anymore. It didn't and still doesn't seem fair. How the heck can you tell by just an u/s that I have PCOS??? I don't understand it. I asked about the HSG and she said there was no reason to do one. That even if my tubes were still open I don't have a chance without IVF. I heard IVF until I didn't want to hear it again.

I COULD NOT accept this. This was NOT FAIR. Why???? All I could think of was WHY???

Then I went on to blame myself for it all. It was MY FAULT for having the TL to begin with. I destroyed my own body and God was punishing me.

After many people told me to call another doctor; I did just that. So on November 08,2007 I called another doctor. He scheduled for an HSG to be done 4 days later and said we would go from there.

Then.... on November 12, 2007 I went for my HSG. It really wasn't that bad. They insert a cath. and inject the dye. I had some mild cramping, but nothing worse than that. The results were good! Both of my tubes are wide open!! The dr. said he saw no reason why I couldn't conceive without IVF! So back on the clomid I went and kept on trying.

More disappointment when it didn't work. So we decided it was time to consult with another RE and find out what all was going on.

So.... January 21, 2008; we had the appt. with the new RE and were in there for 4 hours. It was a long day. Very productive though.

He said the reason for the chemical's I have had is the short tubes. The egg is fertilizing and then it leaves the tubes and tries to implant before the lining is ready for it.

The plan was IUI with follistim. On cd3 I would go in for the baseline and the b/w. They were also going to test me for insulin resistance on cd3. He is also going to do the trigger and add progesterone 2-3 days after the trigger shot.

Did a lot of bloodwork and cultures and also the progesterone test; got all those results back and they were good.

He did say IVF would be our best chance - but it is not impossible for the IUI to work.

So we decided to just rest from everything for a couple of months. Then thanks to a wonderful friend of mine IUI became even more possible. She had some meds left over from her cycle and was nice enough to offer them to me. That would save a lot of money. The only thing was this was gonal - f instead of the follistim; but the RE said that it was basically the same thing and approved me to take it. God is wonderful! It was really starting to look like this could happen.

So we are now in an IUI cycle with injections. I am starting to look like a druggie running around looking for her next hit now I am so bruised - lol.

Anyway - had the first set of blood work on Thursday.

3/27/2008 - U/S & CD3 B/W
FSH - 11
E2 - 57.6
Insulin - 3.3
Potassium - 6.2

Potassium level was high

3/31/2008 - Repeat Potassium test - normal - 5.3

4/2/2008 - next appt.

That’s all of the update for now. Just praying this works.


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