Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Back from Tubal Reversal

The tubal reversal surgery was a lot better than expected. It was a success!!!The right side is 3 3/4 and the left side is 3 1/2 (normal length is 10cm - so that is not bad for the type I had done). I started crying when the nurse woke me and told me. I had prepared myself for the bad news and I was so shocked it was a success. Dr. Koulianos was great. He is the kindest, most gentle and caring doctor I have ever seen.

He told us that the danger is the left tube; That one is only partially open. The right tube is completely open. I have a high risk for tubal pregnancy if I conceive from the left side. He told us that we can start trying next week.

Sorry I took so long to post. It was a very painful surgery. I just got to where I could move around without a lot of pain yesterday.


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